Commercial Report International

Detailed credit information and risk classification of international customers and suppliers - for medium to large deals.

Commercial Report International – Product overview

With increasing foreign trade, the entrepreneurial risk grows in addition to the sales opportunities. The Creditreform Commercial Report International, with its detailed creditworthiness information, offers security for medium to large transactions, supplier relationships and strategic partnerships.

  • Method of payment, solvency assessment and maximum credit recommendation of up to 1 million Euros
  • International Creditreform Solvency Index
  • Detailed valuation basis for international companies
  • Internationally standardised information on foreign customers and suppliers
  • Available in Serbian, German or English
  • Shareholdings and group affiliation
  • Company master data, structural data, company status
  • Historical sales and employee figures
  • Historical balance sheets and income statements
  • Negative aspects
  • Optional monitoring in numerous countries


Field of application

  • Credit assessment and risk classification of international customers and suppliers
  • Sound credit decisions for medium to large business volumes, major orders and project business
  • Evaluation of new and existing international customers and definition of their credit limits
  • Determination, review and adjustment of payment arrangements
  • Protection of international business initiations
  • Examination of extended cooperation
  • Review of continuing obligations
  • Collection of current company data
  • Identification of authorised signatories
  • Fraud prevention



The Commercial Report International service is available to you on the Internet via CrefoDirect. Thanks to its structured data, it can also be optimally integrated into existing business processes via standardised and individual system interfaces and applications. Our experts will be pleased to support you.


For the permanent monitoring of your international customers and suppliers, you can commission one of our Monitoring Services International as a supplement to the Commercial Report International. The service applies to all companies that can be accessed online.


  • Reliable valuation basis for international business partners through detailed information on solvency, finances and business environment
  • Objective evaluation of risks through well-founded, exclusive information
  • Identification of development trends and potential through current and historical business figures and balance sheets
  • Contract security through information on company master data and authorised signatories
  • Highquality of master and contact data through updated, verified data.
  • Relevant decision-maker information for the sales department
  • Simple IT and process integration through structured data
  • Transparency and availability through a globally standardized format
  • Possibility to commission individual searches
  • For you locally, worldwide. Our network consists of the leading partners in their respective markets.
  • Online availability for numerous countries

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