Debt Collection with Creditreform

Unpaid invoices can quickly put business owners in a difficult situation. Here you can find out how you can protect yourself against the non-payment of your invoices.

Comprehensive solutions for your receivables management

Should an important customer pay his bills only slowly or even not at all, it can mean that there is a lot at stake for you. This is because overdue receivables mean more work, time delays, uncertainty in the customer relationship and possibly impact on other business. It involves measures such as formulating and sending reminders and collecting payments. The money in receivables or securities can have an impact on your economic situation - it is not unusual for late payments to lead to liquidity bottlenecks.

Would you like to make your receivables management more efficient, collect invoice amounts quickly or have legal dunning proceedings initiated? We advise you personally and support you with suitable receivables solutions: from the transmission of reminder and collection orders, the collection of receivables at home and abroad to the monitoring of titles and beyond.

Whatever your situation - we have the right solution


Instruct foreign collection agencies

Is your debtor located abroad? We recover your receivables worldwide thanks to our international network. We know the country-specific business culture, the legal system and speak the language of your debtor.

When customers don't pay: Solutions for debt collection and receivables management

Our solutions save time and money and are always adapted to your needs. We coordinate measures and processes with you transparently and initiate the steps that promise the greatest success. If reminders do not lead to the desired result, we support you in pre-litigation and court collection and accompany you throughout the entire process. In doing so, we make sure that we examine your individual case from a legal point of view and implement it quickly. An overview of our services:

  • Reduction of the burden on your accounting department and business processes
  • Customized dunning system for your business
  • Reduction of payment defaults and an assurance of liquidity
  • Recovery of open receivables / Correspondence with the debtor
  • Implementation of coordinated collection measures
  • Security monitoring without cost risk
  • Targeted enforcement
  • Higher chances of success
  • Enforcement of foreign claims
  • Professional and serious receivables management
  • Fair dealing with debtors and transparency towards creditors

Everything from a single source: from pre-litigation debt collection to title monitoring

  • Pre-litigation debt collection

    We carry out most of our debt collection assignments out of court, i.e. without a lawyer. The goal is clear: fast collection of the money without high costs and great effort for you. Our specialists will deal with your case directly and examine the economic situation of your debtor. We then issue reminders in writing and by telephone, as well as negotiate sums and payments.

  • Judicial dunning procedure

    If pre-judicial measures do not produce results, the next step is the judicial dunning procedure, which we will initiate at your request. In advance, we will again carry out an examination of the debtor in order to find out exactly whether judicial dunning proceedings even make sense for you. If this is the case, we will accompany you on the way from titling to further measures. Experience shows that many debtors pay when they receive an enforcement order.

  • Foreclosure

    If the enforcement order has not led to the desired success either, enforcement follows. We will examine which options will be of greatest benefit to you and achieve the desired success. In addition, we will undertake correspondence with courts and bailiffs.

  • Title monitoring

    If a judgment cannot be enforced, we will continue to be there for you and monitor your debtor from then on. A creditor's title is valid for 30 years - if the debtor's financial situation changes during this period, we will arrange for renewed enforcement attempts.

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